Is this your first time to physical therapy, or your first time to our facility? No need to worry, we are here to help you every step of the way! Please check out these frequently asked questions, and if you have any further questions or concerns, please call us at (910)444-0020, or Email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Will physical therapy help me?

Physical therapy is a medical, hands on approach to relieving pain, treating dizziness, and/or addressing other deficits such as muscle or balance impairments in order to restore function. Physical therapists are experts in musculoskeletal and neurological conditions and work with you to achieve your goals. With the help of your doctor, we can decide if physical therapy is the right choice for you.

As a patient you have the right to choose where you receive your physical therapy services. At Healthy Seniors Physical Therapy & Wellness you will receive compassionate, one on one, individualized care, and we look forward to meeting and caring for you. Just request that your referral be sent to us!

If you have a commercial, non-Medicare, non-federal health insurance plan (for example BCBS, UHC, Aetna, Cigna), or if you would like to pay out of pocket, you can call us at (910)444-0020 to make an appointment today!

However, if you have Medicare, a Medicare Replacement/Advantage plan (for example through Humana, BCBS, UHC, Aetna, or New Hanover Health Network), or some federal health plans, they require a doctor or a non physician provider (a PA or NP) certify that you are under their care and that Physical Therapy is medically necessary. In these cases, we recommend you discuss your concerns with your doctor, and if they agree that Physical Therapy is right for you, request that they send us your referral! You can then either call the office at (910)444-0020 to make an appointment, or after we receive the referral we will contact you to make your first appointment.

If you have any questions regarding this, please don’t hesitate to call our office at (910)444-0020 and we would be glad to help!

You can access the patient forms under patient information-print and fill them out, and bring them with you to your appointment. If you are unable to print them out, that’s okay too, we have copies in the office, just be sure to arrive early to give yourself plenty of time. Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes, with easy access to your problem areas. We also ask that you bring your referral (if a written one was given by your doctor), a valid ID, and your insurance information.

If you have a deductible, co-pay, or are a part of our Silver Fox Wellness Club, payment is due at time of service. Your insurance benefits will be determined prior to your arrival. We accept cash, check, debit or credit card.

In general, you can expect your sessions to last around 40-60 minutes, but may vary based on your specific needs.

Physical therapists complete a Bachelor’s degree, along with a Master’s or Doctorate level degree depending on the university and their coursework consists of education and training in anatomy, physiology, neurology, pharmacology, and many other medical sciences. They have graduated from an accredited physical therapy program and are state licensed. With the exception of one of our therapists, all of our PTs are Doctors of Physical Therapy.
At Healthy Seniors Physical Therapy & Wellness, we are proud to have Board Certified Clinical Specialists in Orthopedic and Geriatric Physical Therapy (less than 10% of all PTs are Board Certified- you are in excellent hands!), which means they have demonstrated advanced clinical knowledge and skills in these specialty areas, and have passed the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties (ABPTS) exam.